Central Public Resource for NGOs

One of the biggest challenges in volunteer disaster and emergency response is the sharing of information. The same information may be shared a hundred times or more on social media or on Zello. The ODP is a simple way for anyone to contribute and find information that may be helpful to volunteers, victims or organizations. The more coordinated and professional NGOs and volunteers are, the more cooperation there will be with local, state and federal government.


Using the Directory

The directory is intended for organization information. Individuals wanting to volunteer should install the PubSafe public safety mobile app and then join a group such as CrowdSource Rescue, Cajun Navy, Team Rubicon or the many others. Contact information is required to add to the ODP because there has to be some accountability and some way to followup on edits, type-o’s or questions about the information included.

Enter Directory Listing

Sherp ATV Responds to NE Flooding

The PubSafe mobile app team (formerly the Aftermath Data mobile app) deployed to Nebraska to assist where needed utilizing the SherpATV. Using the app in a real flood highlighted some of the features needed for the app to be more effective. It did reiterate the need...

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Preparing to Volunteer for a Disaster

Things to Consider   As a first-time volunteer out of my area for hurricane Florence, there were very clear lessons that may help you be more prepared. As a Florida resident having survived several hurricanes over the last 50 years, helping with the rescue and...

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