"I saw a need and I worked to address it."

Aftermath Data, LLC

Our Story

I’d like to make this a complex story with years of planning and a complex marketing strategy but would an embellishment. I was watching TV and saw the lines of volunteers going from New Orleans (sympathetic after Katrina) to Houston to help after Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston and put a major hurting on a huge city. Being a Marine, I started to think that there was no way the EOC folks could know where these volunteers were, how to communicate with them or where they should be deployed to maximize their impact on the “battlefield”. Of the 3 things Marines do better than others is to shoot, move and communicate…with less gear. In this scenario, communication was going to be the issue. For some reason the solution was clear, connect people in a way Facebook, Twiter, or Waze cannot do.

For some reason the solution was clear, connect people in a way Facebook, Twitter, and others cannot. My wife and I set out to fund and build a solution. We decided if nothing came of Aftermath, were knew we could help save lives and alleviate suffering in the most challenging of times. The solution blossomed from there and the rest is the beginning of a very exciting story.

That is our story. It isn’t a corporate story, just a Marine taking the initiative and looking to our vets, citizens, and responders to join forces and enable people to help people.

Eron Iler

Eron Iler

Head Find a Way Guy

Marine & Small Business Owner

Darryl Arnold

Darryl Arnold

Figure It Out Guy

Technologist & Perfectionist