Animals Are SpecialDisaster Preparedness - 6 Care for Animals

Whether pets, livestock or wildlife, animals have a special place in our hearts. There are so many sad images and stories online, it is just heartbreaking. Caring for animals requires thinking well ahead. When things go bad you have to choose to save people over pets and animals. To avoid having to make these terrible decisions it is best to move your animals to safety early. Moving large animals or herds to safe pastures can save them from a horrific death if facing wildfires.


As a last resort, release themAnimal-Rescue-Pet Rescue

If there are no other options release your animals after taking a picture and annotating on the Aftermath Data app. Give them a fighting chance. Don’t leave animals in a pen, chained up, inside or otherwise limit their chance to escape. Animals have instincts that may keep them alive. By documenting them on the Aftermath Data app, animal rescue groups will know what your animal looks like, the quantity, size and any other information needed to respond effectively. Most importantly their location is on the public map so responders can go directly to their location when signs may be missing or the streets are flooded. If calling for a boat or helicopter resue, it is important they can get to you efficiently with the right form of transportation.


Aftermath Data on Android



Source: Pasco County, FL Disaster Planning Guide.
Download planning guide here.

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