Final Preparation

Disaster Preparedness - 3 Final Preparation

Your disaster is coming fast and you are done with the major planning and preparation. It is time to finalize the little things and make decisions quickly as information changes. In Florida, we fill bathtubs with water, top off gas tanks, turn down freezers and bring in all loose items outside that can be blown by high winds. In areas of wildfires, final prep would include continuing to remove brush near your home. There are many, many things you can be doing right up to the last minute. Click the image to the right to see a more complete list of things to do during final preparation. Meet with your family, friends or neighbors and make a checklist of things to do and things you might do together. If you are alone this will help you think through the situation.

  • Board windows
  • Place sandbags
  • Blow snow as it accumulates
  • Clear local storm drains
  • Remove dead branches or drop weak trees
  • Refill prescriptions
  • Consolidate important papers in your GO Bag
  • Listen to weather
  • Watch posts to Aftermath Data app as users start to experience the disaster


Mental wellness is important as the stress of the disaster sets in. Sometimes being surprised is easier than a week of intense news coverage about an impending CAT V hurricane. Staying busy helps relieve the stress and keeps teamwork high. Keeping the kids busy will also help reduce the impact of the overall situation. Kids do suffer from anxiety and PTSD from traumatic events. Acting out, lack of sleeping and fighting are all signs of stress that kids and adults need to recognize.

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Source: Pasco County, FL Disaster Planning Guide.
Download planning guide here.

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