People Helping People  Disaster Preparedness - 5 Help Each Other

This concept is the essences of the Aftermath Data app. When it comes to disasters and emergencies we are all people, humans, and Americans. If there is a silver lining in a disaster it is the good that it brings out of people willing and wanting to help each other. Often there is a big desire to help but we are unsure how to help or who to help. The Aftermath Data app helps connect people needing help with those who can help.

  • Install the Aftermath Data mobile app prior to a disaster
  • Identify yourself as a responder or regular user Disaster Situation Report
  • Share the app with others and get to know it before a disaster
  • Monitor the app to see who is in need, where and what is needed to respond
  • Don’t respond to requests for help you are not qualified to handle
  • Always attempt to call 911 to ensure professionally trained responders are informed
  • Go next door and talk through the preparation being done
  • Set up a communication plan to check-in after the disaster passes
  • Check on older people who may not have the physical or mental capacity to plan
  • If someone is home health care or a homebound patient, inquire to their evacuation plan
  • Encourage vets and caregivers to post status info for family and friends in other areas


Aftermath Data on Android



Source: Pasco County, FL Disaster Planning Guide.
Download planning guide here.

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