OpenSource EV Charging Station Project


During a disaster EV owners have to plan ahead due to limited charging station opportunities and the time it takes to recharge an electric vehicle. Rapid rechargers take 30 minutes and there may only be 1-2 charging stations at an already very busy gas station during an evacuation.

There is an opensource project (everyday people add information to the project) to maintain a current map of EV charging stations across the country. This repository relies on individual citizens to input data and share data much like the PubSafe public safety mobile app. With thousands or millions of EV users constantly updating the data, an accurate global listing of charging stations can be maintained. Check out the map to see charging stations in your area.

Click here to view the EV charging station Opensource project. Click here to download the free global PubSafe public safety network mobile app.

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Preparing for Disaster

Preparing for a disaster is a significant event that takes place over time. Being ready for the various types of disasters in your area will determine how much suffering you and your family go through post natural disaster. Learning and practicing is essential to being efficient at the survival process.

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Interview with Puerto Rico Survivors

A day traveling Puerto Rico to interview disaster survivors of Hurricane Maria. The people of rural Puerto Rico are without power in many areas. The process of running power poles to remote areas is a time consuming and expensive one. Installation is the same as before so the situation could repeat itself next season.

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