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Early Application

We have not opened the web portal for registering organizations or dispatching rescue missions. You can login using your PubSafe mobile app credentials and view the map with a variety of data. You can apply now for approval when features are release in late Q4 2020 or Q1 2021. Application approval takes 2 to 6 weeks. 


Registration and Annual Fee

There is a $99 application fee and a $99 annual membership fee. PubSafe is currently waiving application fees for early applicants and the annual fee will be invoiced on the application anniversary. 

$189 is charged to ensure people do not waste our time researching unqualified organizations and to identify organizations that are no longer active annually. You will be invoiced $198 when your application is received and passes a basic screening. If your application is rejected, you will receive a $99 refund to the same email address once the funds have settled. All fees are non-refundable once an application is approved.

Fees and application requirements are subject to change anytime without notice. Continued use of the PubSafe service is contingent upon agreement with the Terms of Service at the time of the first login to the organizational features when ready.

Getting Approved and Listed

In an effort to provide a more reliable, organized, efficient, and legitimate assistance public service, PubSafe screens organizations based on the factors listed.

The goal of PubSafe is to provide a service free of monthly fees for a central help and emergency management and communication platform for civilian and government organizations. Funding is provided through use of the PubSafe mobile app which spreads the costs across users globally. By centralizing data collection and help request management, PubSafe is able to avoid funding issues to both NGOs and government agencies. PubSafe is not restricted by political boundaries, local budgets, or politics. Individual citizen issues can be reported and responded to without normal bureaucracy and delays in a major crisis.


How PubSafe Works

PubSafe consists of two parts, the mobile app, and the web portal. 

PubSafe Mobile App

The PubSafe mobile app is used to:

  1. Collect citizen data related to emergency and disaster situations
  2. Provide situational awareness to field and command personnel globally
  3. To communicate rescue operations information in real-time
  4. Assign missions to responders
  5. Provide data to study the response of anonymous citizens and responders for future public safety benefits

The PubSafe app enables data collection and reporting of: 

  1. My Status – users can post their status to the map for other users to see. Family, churches, and communities can instantly see how people are doing without the need to make calls to hundreds of people.
  2. Help – Request help that is not an emergency in nature. 
  3. SitReps – Report information on what is happening in your area. SitReps help build situational awareness at the street level as well as the theater level. 
  4. Locations – Share the location and status of permanent and temporary locations. Locations are typically staging areas
  5. Emergencies – Emergencies are life and death situations such as an active shooter, tornado, tsunami or other serious injury. Emergencies are treated in a unique manner from other request types. 
  6. Teams – PubSafe teams was designed with an enterprise-class architecture for better performance. Teams enabled organizations can see and share information “internally” and form large teams across multiple organizations for a particular disaster. Team development started 8/25/2020 and is expected to take 6 months to complete. 


PubSafe Web Portal

The portal provides dispatchers, EOCs and management real-time data to manage and lead the responses. PubSafe is not a replacement for EOC systems. PubSafe augments existing government data with real-time citizen information to become the primary platform for NGOs, churches and volunteer groups to centrally manage and coordinate response efforts. The portal reflects the data in the mobile app and also provides additional features to facilitate dispatching rescue missions to field personnel. 

The portal manages help requests using a queue. Help requests may come in to a specific organization or without association with an organization. Since the true goal of all rescue operations is citizen safety first, help requests remain in the identified organizations queue for a specified period of time. If a help request is not assigned to a Mission Ready Responder, the help request is placed into the general queue where any organization can assign it to an available responder. This ensure citizens do not wait for hours or days without help because the reporting organization is overwhelmed. This facilitates working smaller geographic areas for improved efficiency and a significant reduction in emergency response time. 


Approval Requirements

  1. Registered entity for 6+ months or FEMA, SERT or CERT organization
  2. Online presence for 6+ months (Facebook and website required)
  3. Positive social media reviews and comments
  4. Members with experience in disaster response and dispatching
  5. Positive feedback from industry 
  6. At least 10 members

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