We are working on the next update to the content available to be collected. One area we want to improve significantly is the SAR & NGO content under the SitRep menu. Once finalize the information to be collected the next step is to move it to the map where it can be easily visualized. From there we have additional features planned to aid responders in local and regional coordination.

Please review the lists and submit recommendations to contact(at)aftermathdata.com.

Together we can build a more efficient communication and coordination platform.

Proposed SitRep Content

  • Area, Communications
  • Area, Food & Shelter
  • Area, Helicopter Staging
  • Area, Incident Command Post
  • Area, Logistics & Admin
  • Area, Media
  • Area, SAR Team
  • Area, Transportation
  • Area, Volunteer Staging
  • K-9 Onsite
  • Rally Point, Arriving
  • Rally Point, Assembly
  • Rally Point, Departing
  • Rally Point, In Route
  • Report, SAR Accountability
  • Report, Status
  • Report, Team Status
  • Report, Volunteer Accountability
  • SAR Field Team Leader
  • SAR Incident Commander
  • SAR Team Status Brief
  • Seach Started
  • Search Area
  • Search Ended
  • Search Started
  • Victim, Evidence
  • Victim, Last Known Location
  • Victim, Located