Improve the Odds of Rescue

No one likes to leave an animal or pet behind in a disaster or emergency situation. Animal rescue is something people need emotionally. Pets become part of our family and overall mental well being during times of extreme stress. By being able to focus on animal rescue, people or pets, we are able focus on the positive opportunities to help, instead of the potential negative consequences.

In disaster situations people often have to abandon their animals and pets to save human lives. A helicopter simply cannot take a horse with a family. This is a terrible decision to make. If you have to make this decision, take a photo of your animal and set it free. Give it a fighting chance; don’t leave it chained to a pole, locked in a fenced area or closed in your home. Try to leave plenty of food and water and use the Aftermath Data mobile app to document the situation. Consider a flotation vest if you live in a flood prone area.

To improve animal rescues, the Aftermath Data mobile app includes SitRep data specific animals. Animal owners can post a SitRep that describes the animal size, number, photograph, description and services needed. This posts to the map for others to see. This can include trailers for cattle, to food. If you are not available to return for your animal(s), individuals or organizations may be able to conduct an animal rescue for you. Since your profile is associated with your SitRep, anyone can verify the pet is yours from the picture and contact you with more information. Organizations like the Humane Society, Technical Large Animal Rescue, and Abandoned Pet Rescue move into disaster areas after things settle down and go to work. The more people using the Aftermath Data mobile app and reporting animal and other situations, the better the outcome for everyone and everything.


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